digital technology is amazing but it can also be really distractive.

Our mission is to help you use it in a smart way.


So you can thrive.

At home. At work. at school.

with friends. with family. Out in the world.

boy with smartphone

120 emails/ day

average number of emails a person receives in a day

25 minutes

time needed to re-focus after being distracted

$6,500/ year

estimated productivity loss per employee due to phone usage

Stress, poor sleep, decreased wellbeing

common effects of unbalanced digital tech use

Our engagements are designed to improve wellbeing, increase focus and productivity, give space for creativity,  and even have some fun along the way!

Do you feel like digital technology is distracting you more than supporting you?
We offer interactive workshops and presentations to build healthy technology habits.

Many people feel busier and more stressed than ever, but get less done. The 'multi tasking' culture where we are always on, regularly distracted, is significantly affecting our productivity, creativity, wellbeing and satisfaction at work.


Some schools have bring your own device days, some have banned phones. The children have an opinion, the parents another one, and the teachers can easily be stuck in the middle. It is a hot topic and not an easy one to navigate and find a balance. We support schools with presentations and workshops to provide tools.


Ever told your child to put the phone down? Or felt guilty using screens as baby sitters? We know how hard it can be, and have developed resources to support you. 

Public speaking

Everyone can relate to technology addiction and distraction. Everyone has got their own stories. We offer informative, challenging, and fun presentations suitable for e.g. corporate events, team days, conferences. We'd really like to think that we can add value at pretty much any social gathering!


75% of people consider themselves addicted to their phones and digital procrastination is interfering with many peoples dreams . We´d love to help you if you feel like you want to take control of your tech usage, get more time, better sleep, and use this to reach your goals.

Universities & students

Students have come to our workshops as they´ve felt that digital technology is distracting them and reducing their study results, as well as causing stress, anxiety and affecting their relationships.  We believe that smartphone and tech management is a key part in thriving as a student today. 

"I had the opportunity to hire Taino on a speaker assignment at Scania. He delivered a likeable, inspiring speech on a highly technical subject for a not so easy audience. I can only give my warmest recommendations to Taino and encourage you to try what he can help your organization to develop. "


— Magnus MackAldener, Engineering Director


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