We're living in the age of distractions.

Our mission is to help you thrive.

At home. At work. at school.

with friends. with family. on the road.

boy with smartphone

120 emails/ day

average number of emails a person receives in a day

25 minutes

time needed to re-focus after being distracted

$10,000/ year

estimated cost per employee in productivity loss due to phone usage

Stress, poor sleep, decreased wellbeing

common effects of unbalanced screen use


The digital Christmas

What used to be associated with a break and family time, nowadays often includes peaks in screen time, technology conflicts, and returning after Xmas even more stressed than before. This session is a seasonal special, with elements of all workshops.

Suitable for: 

Organisations, schools, parents

We offer a range of workshops and speaking based on pre-developed frameworks customised to suit your context. We collaborate with leading experts depending on the angle and topic.
PhoneSmart™ (1-1.5 hour)

This popular workshop challenges the participants from the first minute!  The focus is on smartphones and we cover the research before guiding the group through a number of exercises. It is designed to increase awareness and create instant change. The workshop is by nature team-building where team members connect on a new level. 

Suitable for: 

organisations, groups of adults, conferences, students

Digital balance (1.5-2 hours)

The aim in this session is to create a workplace with digital balance. We look at common distractions and methods to reduce them and implement well-established practices to boost wellbeing and productivity. We cover some of the following:

  • Time management techniques

  • Meeting culture

  • Ability to focus on a task and the ”flow” state

  • The power of a break

  • Team digital balance strategy and goal setting

Suitable for:


Aspirational speaking

Ever been to a conference where everyone is on their phones? Worried about stress and digital habits of the people around you? Have us kick off your conference or team day and set it up for success and true connection, e.g. with these topics:

  • Digital wellbeing & balance

  • The age of distractions

  • Working from home strategies

  • Productivity & focus

  • Humans & digital technology

Suitable for: 

organisations, groups of adults, conferences, schools

"I had the opportunity to hire Taino on a speaker assignment at Scania. He delivered a likeable, inspiring speech on a highly technical subject for a not so easy audience. I can only give my warmest recommendations to Taino and encourage you to try what he can help your organization to develop. "

Magnus, Engineering Director


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