100+ people have started taking back control of their time and digital balance with the PhoneSmart™ concept


Richard, CTO

A culture with self-control is a must today and in the future.

I would like this workshop to be a part of our recruitment process.

Hector, CEO

Just wanted to say how impressed I was this morning – such a wonderful workshop. I think you have absolutely nailed it.

Woman Typing

Rachael, Employability Relationship manager

Thank you both! It was a really practical session and the students were super engaged. Can't wait for the next one!

Alexandra, Industry Relationship Manager

Thank you Taino and Lena, so insightful and inspiring, especially given The Social Dilemma documentary doing the rounds presently.

Woman in Office

Nicola, Employability Specialist

Such a great workshop! Definitely makes you want to change your habits. Really appreciated it :)

Klara, University Student

Amazing seminar (writing this from a laptop and not my phone!). I was quite emotional when I realised how phones are affecting our lives, but you turned it into hope for change with practical steps.