Workshops That Make a Difference.

We offer a range of engagements listed below. Please enquire to discuss how we can tailor a session to fit your needs. 



This popular workshop challenges the participants from the first minute!  The focus is on smartphones and we cover the research before guiding the group through a number of exercises and reflective questions. It is designed to increase awareness and create instant change. 

Suitable for: 

Organisations, groups of adults, conferences, universities


Public speaking

Ever been to a conference where everyone is on their phones? Worried about stress and screen habits of people around you? We deliver aspirational and engaging presentations, based on digital technology habits and customised to your context. 

Suitable for: 

Organisations, groups of adults, conferences, schools, universities


Teens n´ screens

"Digital natives" is the generation  who grew up in the era of ubiquitous technology, such as smartphones and the internet. Clashes often occur with "digital immigrants", for example their parents or teachers. In this session we approach the subject in a balanced way, relatable to for all ages.

Suitable for:

Parents, families, schools


Screens at home

Managing screens at home can be difficult. Even more so during a pandemic and with Christmas around the corner. In this session we discuss how we can create an environment at home where technology supports us rather than distracts us.

Suitable for: 

Schools, parents, families


Digital resilience

[The ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions]. This is a big deal right now. The world has seen turbulent times before but never with the overload of information we have now. Digital resilience teaches how to navigate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. 

Suitable for: 



Digital balance at work

The aim in this session is to create a digitally balanced workplace. We discuss distractions, methods to reduce them and practices to boost wellbeing and productivity by covering e.g.  time management, meeting culture, the "flow state" and the power of a break.

Suitable for: 


Intense Training

1-1 coaching

Attention deficit trait (ADT) is increasingly common and is caused by brain overload and constant distractions. Two core symptoms of ADT are impatience and distractibility. This affects us both in our private and professional lives, making it difficult for us to think creatively and flexibly. Our 1-1 coaching helps you deal with distractions to reach any goals that we identify together. 

Suitable for: 



Digital Detox 

Join us for a day or a weekend to disconnect from technology to connect with yourself and your group. Get in touch for more details and to tailor your digital detox experience in a beautiful setting outside Auckland, New Zealand. ​

Suitable for: 

Organisations, individuals, schools, parents